About us

We are a Berlin-Adlershof based private biotech company founded in 2005. We produce and distribute natural microbial products for use in agriculture and gardening as well as biological cleaning agents for industry, commerce and household. Other important activities are contract production and research. In addition we are involved in various research projects developing modern and ecologically beneficial methods of plant production.

We use the potential of naturally occurring soil bacteria and other microorganisms to produce innovative and environmentally friendly bio-agents supporting a resource conserving, sustainable agriculture. The ABiTEP GmbH is also an active member of the Association of Manufacturers of biocontrol agents Germany / Austria (IBMA D/A) and an apprenticing company.

We are commited to a high quality standard in production. Food and feed safety (certificate "Good Manufacturing Practices" GMP+) for our microbiological additive products is guaranteed. Our exercised quality system is conform to ISO 9001:2008-12 (certificate conformity DIN EN ISO 9001:2008-12).