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ABiTEP presenting biological cleaning products at “Sachsenclean”

On June 1st ABiTEP is presenting their Biological Cleaning
Agents at the convention “Sachsenclean” at Dresdner Ostrapark.

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Bacillus amyloliquefaciens as substrate supplement on tomato

Please read the experimental report by the research and development department of Floragard. A TASPO article in the flyer “Rund um die Erde / Around the world”

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New 7200 liter fermenter operates!

To increase our production capacities, we proudly set a new 7200 liter fermenter in operation.

press release (PDF, german), bbi-biotech GmbH

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ABiTEP with Bacillus products at the Kartoffeltag in Sanitz

ABiTEP participated in Kartoffeltag (Potato day) in Sanitz with tests to to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Bacillus products.

Artikel (PDF, german) in KARTOFFELBAU 9&10 2015

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