ABiTEP takes part at biocontrol industry fair

From 24th to 26th october ABiTEP will take part at ABIM, the world-biggest convention of the biocontrol industry in Basel, Switzerland: www.abim.ch

Together with our distribution partner Andermatt Biocontrol (Großdietwil, Switzerland) we will meet lots of customers and partners.

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ABiTEP as main sponsor and exhibitor at 16th IOBC meeting in Berlin

In September 2016 the biennial meeting of IOBC (International Organisation for Biological and Integrated Control) took place at Humboldt-University of Berlin together with 178 participants from 45 countries (www.iobc-wprsberlin2016.de).

ABiTEP GmbH hereby served as main sponsor as well as exhibitor and presented its experience in the field of use of beneficial microbes for reduction of chemicals to achieve a more sustainable agriculture .

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ABiTEP at the potato day 2016 in Sanitz

The traditional potato day organized by the agro nord - Kürzinger GbR at Sanitz (near Rostock) will be held on August 3rd 2016.

The ABiTEP GmbH is represented with comprehensive and professionally supervised trials in potato, corn, carrots and onions. The aim of the investigations is to optimize the application recommendations for RhizoVital®42 fl (SanaTerra®) and to try out new products on their effectiveness.

We will inform on our website in the beginning of 2017 on the results of this experimental work.

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Abitep recently received a German patent

A patent named “Mixture, useful as organic fertilizer and
for soil improvement” is granted for M.Jaschkowitz an Dr.Junge.

Find more information at: http://www.google.com/patents/DE102009051901A1?cl=de

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ABiTEP presenting biological cleaning products at “Sachsenclean”

On June 1st ABiTEP is presenting their Biological Cleaning
Agents at the convention “Sachsenclean” at Dresdner Ostrapark.

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